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We are a team dedicated to making your music learning experience fun and easy, no matter your level of expertise. Our goal is to make learning and practicing music as simple as possible. Our unique approach combines audio and visual presentations on one page for immersive learning.

Digital Learning System


     Our innovative digital publishing system aims at taking printed music books to the next level. Digital Publishing Inc. offers a unique product that enhances and expedites music learning by digitizing and synchronizing sheet music along with audio melodies. Over the past decade we have witnessed growing use of digital materials. The great majority of book publishers offer e-books and audio books. In fact, e-book sales have overtaken the sale of paperbacks and hardcover books combined. This is mainly due to the phenomenal success of hand-held devices, which are advantageous because they are convenient, portable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use. Our digitizing system connects the composer and the student through the use of our application on such hand-held devices, as opposed to simply "publishing."

     In recent years, the majority of music books are accompanied by audio CDs. However, the nature of a CD dictates that there will be a disconnect between the audio of the CD and the visual of the students' sheet music. Many students are unable to follow along or are repeatedly distracted by scanning for the audio they are practicing. Our application, on the other hand, creates a direct link between the audio of the song and the visual of the sheet music by combining both of these on a single screen. Students even have the ability to easily play back complicated melodies as many times as they want. In this way, our product emphasizes three important aspects of learning: audio, visual, and repetition.


Software Specifications

Audio * visual * repetition

Who May benefit

  • Beginner music students of any age
  • Music instructors of any instrument
  • Home school or private school music students to support learning and increase their proficiency on instruments
  • Adults who wish to learn an instrument who do not have the time or financial access to a teacher
  • Help beginner musicians to independently learn music notation and theory

Other unique features

  • Can be used with any computer or handled device
  • Unlike traditional publishing, any necessary modifications can be made almost instantaneously to cover a multitude of learning situations
  • The student can play a single melodic phrase over and over, or play a single lesson endlessly. Also, the “delay” option pauses the audio so the student can play the melody they just heard
  • Teachers / composers can get instant feedback from the students for each lesson.
  • Our application is like a portable pocket professor who is ready at the student’s command.

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By digitizing, we can distribute your book all over the world!

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The app for your book will be created upon your authorization. You may offer your app for free or for sale.

Content Maintenance

We will maintain and modify content of your music book on request.

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